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We rent porta potties for events and construction projects in the Colden area.

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Porta Potty Rental, Colden NY

Warm greetings from Colden Porta Potty! We are your one-stop shop for all portable toilet requirements. We offer a variety of porta potty options to accommodate a variety of preferences and needs.

This article will discuss the various varieties of portable toilets that we offer, including standard, deluxe, ADA-accessible, luxury bathroom trailers, and portable hand wash stations. We’ll also discuss who can benefit from renting portable toilets and the advantages of doing so. Let’s plunge in!


Porta-potties have become a necessity for outdoor events, construction sites, festivals, and other locations with limited access to permanent facilities. At Colden Porta-Potty Rentals, we recognize the significance of providing you with clean, comfortable, and hygienic portable facilities. Our selection of portable toilets accommodates a variety of requirements and ensures that everyone has access to sanitary facilities regardless of location.

Varieties of Porta Potties

  • Our standard cargo potties provide a practical solution for any outdoor event or construction site. They are self-contained, compact units with a lavatory and urinal. These units are versatile and effective because they are simple to transport and can be installed almost anywhere.
  • Our deluxe porta potties are the optimal option for those seeking a higher level of comfort. These accommodations also include a hand sanitizer dispenser, a cosmetic mirror, and a handwashing station. They provide a more pleasurable and convenient experience for users, ensuring their cleanliness and comfort.
  • ADA-Accessible Units: At Colden Porta-Potty Rentals, we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment. Our ADA-compliant units are designed specifically to meet the requirements of individuals with disabilities. These spacious units comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations by providing wider doorways, ramps, and wheelchair-friendly interior configurations. In addition, they have handrails, additional maneuvering space, and other accessibility features.
  • Luxury Bathroom Trailers When your special events require a touch of elegance and sophistication, our luxury bathroom trailers are the ideal solution. These vehicles are intended to provide a luxurious restroom experience, complete with flushing toilets, running water, vanities, air conditioning or heating, mirrors, and even sound systems. The experience of using portable restrooms is elevated to a new level of comfort and opulence by luxury bathroom trailers.
  • Portable Hand Wash Stations: Maintaining appropriate hygiene, particularly in outdoor settings, is essential. Our portable hand wash stations complement our porta lavatories by providing a designated hand-washing area. These stations, equipped with soap dispensers, fresh water, and paper towels, provide a practical and hygienic means of promoting hygiene and preventing the spread of germs.

Renting porta receptacles from Colden Porta-Potty Rentals provides a number of benefits:

  1. Porta potties are a convenient option for locations with limited access to permanent restrooms. Event organizers, construction sites, and other temporary locations can benefit from their speedy delivery and assembly.
  2. Our portable toilets are meticulously cleansed and sanitized to maintain a high standard of cleanliness. Throughout the duration of the rental, regular servicing and maintenance ensure that the facilities remain spotless and pleasant for users.
  3. Renting portable toilets eliminates the need to construct and sustain permanent restrooms, resulting in significant cost savings. This prevents you from incurring substantial construction expenses, utility bills, and ongoing maintenance costs.
    Our numerous types of portable toilets accommodate a variety of needs and preferences. Whether you need a simple unit for a small gathering or a deluxe lavatory trailer for a high-end event, we have options to meet your needs. Our portable hand wash stations complement our porta restrooms, ensuring that your event or construction site remains hygienic.
  4. Porta potties are intended for portability and placement convenience. They are easily transportable to various areas of your event or construction site as required. This adaptability enables you to accommodate changing needs and ensures that restrooms are always accessible.

Who Can Use Portable toilets

Portable toilets are suitable for a variety of people and organizations. Here are some examples:

Event Organizers: Whether you are hosting a music festival, an outdoor wedding, or a community event, renting portable toilets ensures that your guests will have access to clean and convenient restrooms. We can facilitate events of any size or nature with units ranging from standard to deluxe.

Having portable lavatories on-site is crucial for the comfort and convenience of workers on construction sites, where projects frequently span lengthy time periods. Our portable toilets are designed to withstand harsh conditions, making them an excellent option for construction sites.

Public parks, campgrounds, and hiking trails frequently lack permanent toilet facilities. Porta potties are a practical solution that allows visitors to enjoy outdoor activities while still having access to restrooms.

During emergency situations or natural disasters, access to sanitary restrooms becomes even more crucial for disaster relief efforts. Porta-potties can be rapidly deployed to disaster zones to provide essential sanitation facilities for those in need.


Colden Porta Potty provides an extensive selection of porta potties to satisfy a variety of needs and preferences. We have solutions for every occasion, ranging from standard to deluxe units, ADA-accessible facilities, luxury washroom trailers, and portable hand wash stations.

Porta toilets are convenient, hygienic, cost-effective, adaptable, and mobile, making them ideal for events, construction sites, parks, and disaster relief efforts. Our commitment to sanitation and customer satisfaction guarantees that you will receive the highest quality portable restrooms for your event.

Contact Colden Porta Potty today and allow us to manage your requirements for portable toilets!